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Tips to improve 1v1 Soccer Skills – Week 2: Change of Direction

Tips to improve 1v1 Soccer Skills.

1v1 Soccer Skills can make the difference in a game and create goal chances.

 In 1v1 in Youth Soccer there are three parts:
  • Change in direction
  • Feints
  • Stops and starts
 In this article Coerver Coaching co founder Alf Galustian will show you 3 essential soccer tips in 1V1!
This week’s group of soccer skills are changes of direction.

3 essential soccer tips for change of direction

  • You can use a change of direction to shield the ball from a defender
  • You have single moves, double moves and triples which can all be used to protect the ball and send defenders the wrong way
  • Combine change of direction moves with passing. So use a move to create some space to make a good pass to a team mate.
Check out this soccer video, on the cut, a move used all the time by Germany and Bayern Munich captain Philipp Lahm.
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