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The Play Like the Stars series is a great resource

  • ​It is suitable for boys and girls of all ages
  • Works for beginners to advanced players
  • Teaches the amazing skills of the legends of the game
  • It's easy to pick up and fun too!
  • 48 minutes of content

What Customers Say About Coerver Coaching

"Coerver Coaching has history, it's authentic, and the best soccer teaching program I have seen. I worked with it all through my career, and it certainly made me a better player."*

Kristine  Lilly
Soccer Legend,Twice World Cup Champion & Twice Olympic Gold Medal Winner

"The team has absolutely been raised on Coerver skills. This summer we played in the US Club Soccer National Championship in Cary, North Carolina. At half we trailed 1-0. Nina scored a hat-trick in the second half and we won the match 3-1. We are US Club Natl Champs in large part due to Nina's wonderful feet. Nina was not faster than any of the defenders we faced in that match - but our opponents were simply unable to defend her 1 vs 1 or even 2 vs 1. 90+ degrees, humid (especially for us Californians) we had only 1.5 subs, it was our 5th game in 3 days, and the team was exhausted. Nevertheless, Nina carried the ball 50 yds through 2 and 3 defenders TWICE that day. It is not unusual for Nina to completely embarrass defenders - and score multiple goals in a game. Her feet are MAGIC - and she has been doing Coerver with us since she was 11"*

Jason Werner
Head Coach,Director Marin FC,
Assistant Coach USF Div 1 Women

Dear Mr. Whitehead,

This year at ODP Region II Camp, I made the "A" Pool every day and was named to the Regional Pool of 30 players. Your instruction over the years of Coerver Training played a huge part in my development as a soccer player. I remember my first experience as a young goalie at the age of 8. I appreciate all of the help and encouragement you have given me over the years. Maybe someday I'll have the opportunity to teach kids at one of your camps."*

Katie Becker
( Katie played midfield and forward for Minnetonka High School.)

"The best way to describe the Coerver experience to other parents is like this: "the kids come home absolutely drenched from sweat, but with an ear to ear smile." You and your staff have found ways to challenge and teach while making it enjoyable, too. As important, I attribute Coerver training as the difference in my daughter's ability to make good moves and decisions with the ball. As a result, she is confident and making positive contributions to her team. She is also practicing those moves and asking to learn more. Thank you, and we look forward to attending your camps well into the future."*

Bryan Jacobson

"I thought you might like to have some feedback about some of your pupils: Check out the Star Tribune web site for high school stats. You'll find both Jake and Molly well positioned. You need to know that I feel very strongly that you have a huge part to play in their success! Coerver moves are second nature to both. Their speed of play and decision making contribute to making them very valuable to their teams. Thanks for your hard work with them! I hold you and your clinics in the highest regard. I look forward to many more years of participation. (Josh is only 9 years old!)"*

Randy Rouse

"I want to compliment you on and all the trainers for once again doing an outstanding job with your clinics. Maddy has done her share of camps over the years, and she still finds the Coerver Clinics her favorite ... I believe that Coerver Coaching is the very best resource available to kids, period."*

Becky Gerber
Mother of Maddy Gerber

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the excellent training that my daughter received while attending your Coerver training clinics over the last two years. The technical and tactical skills taught have allowed her to play with a deeper confidence and composure on the field, which has equated to an improved performance during her matches. The small group atmosphere at the clinics and the experience of the trainers involved, combined with participating in an older, more experienced group, has helped her skills develop at a faster pace by challenging her at every session. Thanks again for the top notch program. My daughter, as do I, look forward to seeing you at future Coerver clinics and other soccer events throughout the year."*

John Walczak

"My daughter has been a club member of Coerver Coaching and TCU for three years. Over those three years we have watch ed her develop into a skilled and self confident player due to the tremendous training and support that she has received from the Coerver Coaches and club managers. As a parent cheering from the sidelines for two years to a co-manager of the U-16 girls, it has been an honor to be associated with such a fine group of young athletes. I know I will be seeing these players achieve their soccer "goals" throughout their high school years and well into college..."*

Stacy Voss
Mom of U-16 girls player Samantha Voss

"Coerver Coaching" has run summer soccer camps in conjunction with the Port Moody Soccer Club for the past 4 years. The response of our members has been tremendous. The camps are the best organized we've seen, and their coaching staff is terrific. They are enthusiastic, well trained and have great rapport with the players. The players work hard and improve their skills/technique in a fun invironment. We have been so impressed with the noticeable skill level improvement that we now have "Coerver" act as our main technical resource, providing weekly sessions for a variety of our age groups."*

Reece Harding
President, Port Moody Soccer Club

* Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Play Like The Stars Digital Download $19.95

  • For boys and girls of all ages, from beginners to advanced players.

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