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  • Develops individual and small group skills applicable anywhere on the field
  • Makes the game fun to practice and play
  • Keeps your players engaged in every practice


  • Throughout our history we have used Star soccer players as our teaching models
  • Improve your game with better decision making
  • Develop self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Build soccer fitness & a soccer healthy lifestyle


  • Skill is the foundation that all other parts of the game can be built on
  • Success of teams are dependent on individual and small group skills
  • Develops ball touch and control, coordination and flexibility

Want an Online Coaching Course?

Coerver Youth Diploma 1 or 2 will help you...

  • Plan & deliver more effective soccer training sessions.
  • Get fresh training skills, drills, games and ideas that will enrich your sessions and make your players more enthusiastic and responsive.
  • Save your valuable time using a simple Session Template and dozens of skills, drills and games from the Course materials to put in it.

And that's not even a snippet of what you'll get from these courses...


“Alfred’s Coerver® Coaching course at Real Madrid was very well received by us all, since our goal, especially in the formative years, is technical excellence. Unless players are highly technical, it does not matter what system or tactic you play, at the highest level you will probably lose.“*
 Vicente Del Bosque, Head Coach Spain National Team
FIFA World Cup™ & UEFA Euro Champion

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