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Coerver Coaching - Make Your Move

This Is The Most Complete Package Of Soccer Instructional Content We Have Ever Put Together.
It Includes Online Access to All Drills, DVDs and Digital Books & PDF Diagrams of Drills

… Let Us Review This With You Below … Let Us Show You Some Videos, So You Can Discover How This Method Has Helped Others & See How Our Super Soccer Package Can Help You!

Do You Want to Show Your Players How to…

1. Discover 1V1 moves that will translate into more shooting opportunities and GOALS… (37 MOVES In Total Detail!)

2. Make the Right Moves at the right time in the attacking third…They zig, opponents zag and BOOM your team’s got a shot.

3. Develop group and individual skills so they can combine effectively anywhere on the field or confidently go it alone when they have to.

4. Create space and time anywhere on the field to make good decisions and reduce ineffective energy sapping actions.

5. Stop, start and change direction quicker than ever, making them tough in defense and even tougher in attack.

6. Attack and defend effectively individually and as a group from time tested sessions.

7. Be more revved up for practices and ready to go in games.  (And a whole lot more!)

Coerver Coaching - Make your Move
Coerver Coaching - Pyramid of player Development

From: Charlie Cooke

Attention: Those who want to improve their soccer skills, or help someone else improve.

Dear Soccer Lover,

Hi, I'm Charlie Cooke.

I’ve been playing and coaching soccer for over 40 years. My career included playing 16 times for Scotland and 11 years playing with Chelsea winning the FA Cup, the European Cup Winners Cup and three Chelsea Player of the Year awards, a distinction I share with Chelsea great Franco Zola. Along with Franco I was recently voted to the Chelsea’s All Time 11.

As much as I take pride in my playing accomplishments I am even prouder of the contribution to the game I am able to make here at Coerver Coaching along with my associate and world wide Director Alfred Galustian.
Through Coerver Coaching’s global network of Schools and clinics we have taught over 1,000,000 players and coaches Coerver Coaching’s unique approach to developing soccer skills.

There’s nothing like a player ’s smile after learning and using a new skill , or a coach’s grin when seeing a new drill working or a parents pleasure when they see their children enjoying and growing in the game.

So when I give you my word that our coaching and skills development approach can DELIVER you know I believe it.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to what some of the top professional coaches and our happy clients have to say about our approach.

Check Out What Top Professional Players & Coaches Have to Say About Our System*

The World Cup winning national soccer coach of Brazil recommends Coerver®:

"The reaction to Alfred's courses in Brazil were excellent. Many former World Cup players and coaches attended, and it was obvious to us all that such a program that encourages and teaches individual skills and creativity is needed by us, as much as by other countries."*
- Carlos Parreira, Head Coach, Brazil

"Alfred's Coerver® Coaching course at Real Madrid was very well received by us all, since our goal, especially in the formative years, is technical excellence. Unless players are highly technical, it does not matter what system or tactic you play, at the highest level you will probably lose."*
- Vicente Del Bosque, Head Coach Spain National Team
FIFA World Cup™ & UEFA Euro Champion

"At the early ages the foundation of teaching should focus on technique, Coerver was the first time I had been exposed to a curriculum, which focused on this philosophy. Since the early years Coerver has added game related and full game pressures to all of the skills, that was perfect for me in my work."*
- Jose Marais, Assistant First Team Coach - Chelsea FC, Former First Team Coach Real Madrid CF & Inter Milan FC

"Coerver® is a really good way of building skill and intricacy in football. It shows that complex movements and drills can be taught with clever methods and sustained practice"*
- Matthew Syed, Award winning Times journalist and author of Bounce

"Coerver® Coaching has greatly influenced how the game is taught all over the world. This is a superb programme which can improve a whole generation of future players"*
- Osvaldo Ardiles, FIFA World Cup™ Champion - Argentina

"Coerver Coaching has history, it's authentic, and the best soccer teaching programme I have seen. I worked with the Coerver programme all through my career, and it certainly made me a better player."*
- Kristine Lilly, Most capped professional player of all time, Double FIFA World Cup™ Champion, Double Olympic Gold Medal Winner, USA

* Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person


Player Testimonials:

Our system is not just for World-Class Athletes and Coaches:

"The team has absolutely been raised on Coerver skills. This summer we played in the US Club Soccer National Championship in Cary, North Carolina. At half we trailed 1-0. Nina scored a hat-trick in the second half and we won the match 3-1. We are US Club Natl Champs in large part due to Nina's wonderful feet. Nina was not faster than any of the defenders we faced in that match - but our opponents were simply unable to defend her 1 vs 1 or even 2 vs 1. 90+ degrees, humid (especially for us Californians) we had only 1.5 subs, it was our 5th game in 3 days, and the team was exhausted. Nevertheless, Nina carried the ball 50 yds through 2 and 3 defenders TWICE that day. It is not unusual for Nina to completely embarrass defenders - and score multiple goals in a game. Her feet are MAGIC - and she has been doing Coerver with us since she was 11"*
- Jason Werner - Head Coach, Director Marin FC. Assistant coach USF Div 1 women

"Dear Mr. Whitehead,
This year at ODP Region II Camp, I made the "A" Pool every day and was named to the Regional Pool of 30 players. Your instruction over the years of Coerver Training played a huge part in my development as a soccer player. I remember my first experience as a young goalie at the age of 8. I appreciate all of the help and encouragement you have given me over the years. Maybe someday I'll have the opportunity to teach kids at one of your camps."*
- Sincerely, KATIE BECKER (Katie played midfield and forward for Minnetonka High School.)

"The best way to describe the Coerver experience to other parents is like this: "the kids come home absolutely drenched from sweat, but with an ear to ear smile."
You and your staff have found ways to challenge and teach while making it enjoyable, too. As important, I attribute Coerver training as the difference in my daughter's ability to make good moves and decisions with the ball. As a result, she is confident and making positive contributions to her team. She is also practicing those moves and asking to learn more.
Thank you, and we look forward to attending your camps well into the future."*
- Brian Jacobson

"My daughter has been a club member of Coerver Coaching and TCU for three years. Over those three years we have watch ed her develop into a skilled and self confident player due to the tremendous training and support that she has received from the Coerver Coaches and club managers. As a parent cheering from the sidelines for two years to a co-manager of the U-16 girls, it has been an honor to be associated with such a fine group of young athletes. I know I will be seeing these players achieve their soccer "goals" throughout their high school years and well into college..."*
- Stacy Voss, Mom of U-16 girls player Samantha Voss

"Coerver Coaching" has run summer soccer camps in conjunction with the Port Moody Soccer Club for the past 4 years. The response of our members has been tremendous. The camps are the best organized we've seen, and their coaching staff is terrific. They are enthusiastic, well trained and have great rapport with the players. The players work hard and improve their skills/technique in a fun environment. We have been so impressed with the noticeable skill level improvement that we now have "Coerver" act as our main technical resource, providing weekly sessions for a variety of our age groups."*
- Reece Harding, President, Port Moody Soccer Club

* Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person

These are just a small sampling of the testimonials we've received in our 30 year history. We just want you to see, that no matter what level of soccer you play or coach, this system will help you and your players.

"Now You're Probably Wondering What They Are Talking About… Allow Me To Show You The New Coerver Coaching 6 Part Online Make Your Move Package!"

Coerver Coaching - Make your Move
Coerver Coaching - Pyramid of player Development

BALL MASTERY – Exercises where each player works alone with a ball at repetitions using both feet.

RECEIVING & PASSING – Exercises to improve a player’s first touch, so important at all levels, and to encourage and teach accurate and creative passing.

MOVES (1 V 1) – Exercises and games that teach game – winning individual moves that can create space against the most packed of defences.

SPEED – Exercises and games that improve acceleration, running with and without the ball and change of pace.

FINISHING – Exercises and games that teach technique and encourage instinctive play.

GROUP ATTACK – Exercises and games that improve small – group combination play with emphasis on fast break attack.

The Pyramid Approach combined with the Coerver Coaching philosophy of graduated pressure allows players to quickly gain confidence and progress through the interconnected levels of the game.

The good news is…

If you can watch, listen, read, talk, run, and you are willing to practice then you’ve got 100% of the skills required to apply what we are teaching.

“Here’s What You’ll Get!”

“The Coerver Coaching Make Your Move Package

Coerver Coaching - Make Your Move
Coerver Coaching - Make Your Move

Everything we teach about improving soccer skills at our camps and clinics are explained in great detail. In fact, the system consists of:

  • 5 DVDs (with hours of recordings pulled from our video libraries, all presented in a cohesive, step-by-step, easy-to-follow format)…
  • Complete access to the Play Great Soccer Library offering 200+ videos, over 111 minutes, of detailed, screen-captured video showing you step-by-step, blow-by-blow instructions of Coerver kids and teens going through each step, as if you’re looking over my shoulders as they do them…
  • Two workbooks including a workbook, training guide, tools and checklists…
  • PDF copies of the drills. You’l finally be able to print out the drills and take them with you to practices.

It dives right in and delivers meaty content, from the very moment you watch the first drill, to the very last page of the very last manual.

Don’t worry, while it’s a lot of content, it’s well laid out. The New Era videos give you an excellent core to the Pyramid of Player Development and the Make Your Move videos take you over the top with move tactics that will leave the opposition stuck in their boots!

When you view this course, you’ll know why we’re so proud of it. No expense was spared in taking what we teach in our soccer camps and creating an in-home version of it. You’ll feel like you’re inside our head as you follow our step-by-step training that’s suitable for anyone.

But above all… You’ll Love It when You Discover The Contents Of This Package.

 Component #1 – The Make Your Move Drills

Make Your Move Disc 1 – Change of Directions and Stops & Starts – These videos develop the Coerver Coaching Philosophy of Moves 1V1 and focuses in detail on the Changes of direction and Stops and Starts.

As you watch and apply these clips and you’re going to know how to perform these Change of Direction skills…
Inside Cut
Slap Cut
Double Cut
Twist Off
Hook Turn
U Turn
U Turn Step Over
Pull Push Behind
Slap Step On

You can practice these moves in the 7 skill drills we provide to integrate them in your game…telling you How, Where and When you should be considering these moves.

Disc 1 Change of Directions and Stops & Starts – also teaches you how to perform these Stop and Start Moves
Step On
Double Step On
Pull Push
Step Kick
Half Pull Spin
180 Spin
Fake Inside Cut
Double Spin

You can practice these moves in the 4 skill drills we provide to integrate them in your game…telling you How, Where and When you should be considering these moves.

Disc 2 – Feints

Watch these drills and you are going to know how to perform these Feint skills…
Double Scissors
Scissors Step Over
Side Step
Double side Step
Step Over
Double Step Over
Step Over Pull Thru
Slap Step Over
Step Over Scissors
Step Flick

You can practice these moves in the 9 skill drills we provide to integrate them in your game telling you How, Where and When you should be considering these moves.

Disc 3More Feints & Soccer Speed – Even more Feint moves are demonstrated in detail…and learn how to develop and incorporate speed in your moves…

Watch these drills and you are going to know how to perform these Feint skills and to incorporate Speed into your game…
Drag Push
Reverse Drag Push
Drag Scissors
The “V”
Shimmy Step Over
The Hop

You can practice these moves in the 7 speed skill drills we provide to integrate them in your game.

Disc 4 – Pyramid of Player Development Part 1 – The New Era video series was filmed in 1998 but the stars and drills and moves are every bit as relevant as today. Heros like Zidane, Lilly, Del Piero and Beckham along with a cast of wonderfully talented Coerver kids and teens from around the world introduce for the first time the Coerver Coaching Pyramid Of Player development.

Coerver Coaching is not about tactics it’s about skill…

Watch this disc and learn about the Coerver Pyramid of Player Development. The focus is on developing the core skills…Ball Mastery, Passing and Receiving and Moves 1V1. This disc will teach you 11 Ball mastery drills, 15 Passing and receiving Drills and over 30 1V1 moves and 15 skill drills to learn them.

Disc 5 – Pyramid of Player Development Part 1 – The Second disc of the New Era Series focuses on the essential skills of Speed, Finishing and Small Group Play.

This drills will give you 13 Speed exercises, 12 Finishing drills and 21 Group play drills including 9 Fast Break exercises.

NOTE: All the Coerver Coaching drills can be modified for skill level, age and field conditions.

“Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.”

We’re so confident that you or your players will immediately see improvements in their game, that we’re willing to offer a no strings attached, no questions asked, 6 month Guarantee.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the material just return the package for a full refund!

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