Improve Your Game

Improve Your Game

Perfect for parents and players at home.

coerver_coaching_improve_your_game_dvd_200Now you can practice in your backyard, your basement, the local park or even your bedroom, with your parents permission of course. The Improve Your Game Series can be used alone or with the help of your parents, friends or team mates. Players, you can also set personal bests and compete with your friends or even your parents in different skills. The disks enable you to polish your skills year round.

Remember if you don’t use it, you lose it.

By practicing skills year round, your execution will not only stay up to snuff, it will improve. Now, some of the material will be useful for coaches to use at team practices, or to show players work they can do at home to improve specific moves or footwork for example. Some of the drills will be familiar to many coaches and we’ve included 2 excerpts of drills suitable for team practices on the site below.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear: this DVD set is NOT advanced techniques that build on our previous disks. While this DVD set is suitable for use on it’s own, for maximum effectiveness one should know the material found on the Make Your Move DVD set.


Our Self-Improvement Pyramid consists of 3 levels:


  • 20 Home Assignments
  • 6 Variations of ground juggling skills
  • Moves players can practice by themselves or with the help of parents or team mates.
  • 11 Group Skill Assignments
  • 12 Variations incorporating Stops and Starts and Feints. Designed for practice and competition with friends or team mates and useful for coaches at team practices.


  • 13 Warm up stretches
  • 13 Speed drills and 7 Variations with partners and small groups.
  • 22 Stamina/Skill Drills and 6 Variations with partners and small groups.


  • Why proper hydration is so important when working out.
  • The overweight epidemic in developed countries that’s affecting even young children.
  • The beginnings of hardening of arteries that’s affecting children as young as 15
  • How warm ups and stretches prevent injuries and promote top performance.
  • How to correctly take your pulse and measure your recovery rates.
  • How diet is important in combating disease & promoting fitness.
  • The value of organic fruits and vegetables and the role phytochemicals play.
  • Why you should avoid sugary drinks and cereals.
  • The link between reduction of weight, diabetes and the way to fitness, good health and well

Sample Clips

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