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Ultimate Bundle

Whether you’re just starting out, or an elite coach, you’ll see why Coerver Coaching’s Ultimate bundle is what you need to improve, motivate and inspire your players for your season’s to come.

Lifetime Access $347

Coerver Moves

Delivering the latest Coerver Moves for players and coaches.  48 Moves for players of all ages and abilities.  Once you have mastered the Ball Mastery Skills below you are ready to move up to the moves.

Works on any device.

Lifetime Access $34.99

99 Skills to Ball Mastery

Our most downloaded product ever! Introducing the latest version of 99 Skills to Ball Mastery for players and coaches.

Now even better. Works on any device with a browser. 

Lifetime Access $29.99

Coerver Coaching - Online Training

Coerver First Skills

The first skills program is great for parents wanting to learn about the game and teach their players the basic skills to get them off to the right start.

Coerver Coaching - Make Your Move

Make Your Move Online

This series is an all time favorite of coaches everywhere.  It helps coaches focus on more advanced skills that players need to get past their opponents and protect the ball.

Lifetime access $147

Session Planner Deluxe

The session planner is great for club coaches that want an easy to follow road map to delivering excellent practices every time.  The session planner has over 170 exercises to excite and challenge your players.

Includes the Session Planner digital ebook and 5 dvds

Lifetime access $197

Improve Your Game

This series is designed for parents and coaches to use at home with 1,2 or 3 players.  It also includes information about health and nutrition.

Buy now $69.95

Includes 3 dvds

Girls Soccer with Kristine Lilly

  • What you should focus on in developing your players
  • The difference between coaching boys and girls.
  • The essential life skills that are learned through the sport
  • What I consider my greatest asset as a soccer player (it’s probably not what you think it is)
  • The differences between male and female players when it comes to praise and reprimand

Lifetime access $49.95

Goalkeeping Essentials

Goalies… Want to Dominate Your Box? Coaches… Want to teach your goalie the correct techniques?

Lifetime access $49.95

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