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The Make Your Move Drill eBook combines two of our most popular products, the soccer drills found in Make Your Move and The New Era Series.

Combined, that’s 112 pages of different drills. And, each page has a Coaching Tip and a Player Tip. Also included are variations tips for each drill and ways to progress your players to more challenging and demanding exercises.

When you add up the variations and tips you’ll have well over 200+ ways to build your practices. That means you’ll have enough variations to make sure your practices never get stale.  And all of these drills have proven time and time again to bring the best out of your players.

Since the drills are in the popular PDF format you’ll find them easy to take to the field, since they’re easily viewable on any mobile device.

If you prefer to hold the drills in your hand, simply print out the drills and take them to the field. You can even give them to your assistant for quick and effective practice plans. There is no restriction on printing out the drills for your team’s use.

You get instant access when you order! Order now and plan your practices within the next few minutes. It’s fast and easy.

The series includes

  • Easy to set up soccer drills and games
  • Exercises that are challenging for players of all skill levels
  • Can be used for all ages
  • Variations for each drill
  • Coaches Tips
  • Player Tips
  • Most of all SERIOUS FUN for players of all levels

Take the worry out of trying to design practices that your players will LIKE!

Watch as other coaches around you start observing your practices and wondering how your players are so engaged. Watch as parents arrive to pick up their players but players don’t want to leave practice.

Don’t think twice, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Order Now – $97

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